Tlaquepaque in Mexico is worth a trip with Allegiant Airlines

Tlaquepaque City is one of the finest in Mexico and attracts a large number of local and global tourists. The city houses some great places which are worth visiting as well as numerous activities ideal for you during the vacation. Plan a trip to this finest Mexican City and create memories with your loved ones. So hurry and visit the Allegiant Airlines Official site today to book your Allegiant Airlines Flights now!

Here are some of the wonderful places to visit while you’re in Tlaquepaque city:

Barranca de Oblates

Tlaquepaque City
Tlaquepaque City

 The wonderful spot of Mexico is also called as Barranca de Huentitán and is situated in the east side of the district of Guadalajara on the edge of Tonalá, Zapotlanejo, Ixtlahuacán Del Río, and Zapopan in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. It is worth visiting during your Mexico trip and its massive size & structure are worth witnessing. It covers approximately 1137 hectares and is one of the finest attractions in the country.

Try the tequila at Nuestros Dulces 

Visit the famous Nuestros Dulces in the city and find a great variety of souvenirs here. Grab some wonderful things from here for your home. The store has the finest collection of tequilas in the entire country. The place is one of the oldest in the business and attracts a large number of tourists. They are known to have 1000+ variety of tequilas from different brands. The place has great tequilas, suitable for different age groups. Try the magnificent Mexican desserts and other delicacies here with your loved ones.

Mariachi At El Parian

Attend this outstanding event in the city which is hosted on a daily basis. It is one of the finest attractions in the city. Watch the great show and enjoy world-class delicacies here with your family and friends. Try the wonderful tequila cazuela here.

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