The Most Interesting Museums and Monuments in Washington DC with Allegiant Airlines

Being home to so many wonderful architecture, parks, museums, and natural wonders, Washington DC is widely famous in the entire world. And, these all excite the history of The US. The country has preserved beautiful and long-lost history, which is reflecting in its Museums and Monuments.

If you have ever been captivated and festinated by the historical stories, glory, power, and war, then it is the place where you must visit having your Allegiant Airlines one way or round trip ticket booked.

Meanwhile, let’s dive into the wonderful stories, which are preserved in the Museums and Monuments.

Washington Monument

It is a structure, which was built in the name of a powerful man, Washington DC. It was built in order to honor the first-ever president of the US. It also inspired the city’s name as well. However, there are several stories roam around this monument. If you want to witness this inspirational monument, then travel to this city soon.

Lincoln Memorial

It is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Washington DC. It is the memorial of the 16th president of the US, Abraham Lincon, which was dedicated to him in order to honor him. It is a wonderful architecture that reflects perfection and history. The memorial looks more majestic when one see it into the pool.

National Art Gallery

If you are an art lover, then National Art Gallery is a blessing for you to treat yourself to the best arts in the world. The gallery showcases the best and different types of art, which were created by different artists, and that too covers the ages from the middle to the modern-day.

National Air Space Museum

If you are someone who loves the science behind planes and rockets and how they work, this National Air Space Museum is the right place to visit on your next trip to the World. The museum offers you the opportunity to look into the history of the air crafts and planes and the process of its building.

Over here, you can see how human imagination and hard work reached an appreciation level by the world.

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