Joao Pessoa city is the best place to discover with Allegiant Airlines!

João Pessoa is an amazing city in Brazil situated around the mighty Paraíba River. The city houses some great vacationing spots. The city is among the top favorite destinations of Brazil that attracts a large number of vacationers. You’re your next trip here and explore the numerous fun destinations with your family and friends. The city has some astounding examples of baroque and art nouveau architecture. Some of the notable spots of the city comprise São Francisco Church, Tambaú and Cabo Branco beaches, lively bars, and nightclubs, etc. so hurry and make your Allegiant Airlines Reservations now at the Allegiant Airlines Official site! Visit here with your dear ones and explore the following fun places:

Cabo Branco Lighthouse

The notable lighthouse is situated around the region of Cabo Branco and Ponta do Seixas. The lighthouse is one of the primary destinations in the city that attracts a large number of visitors for vacationing purposes. Visit here with your loved ones and click some amazing pictures.

Cabo Branco Beach

Wander around this well-known city beach that attracts a large number of locals for rejuvenating themselves. The city is an amazing tourist spot mainly due to its magnificent beaches. Sit here to relax and soak some sun with your family and friends. Stroll here during the dark hours and hear the astounding sound of the mighty waves.

Centro Cultural São Francisco 

The cultural center is one of the oldest in Brazil and is known for its different aspects. Visit here to know about the cultural and historical dimensions of Brazil. Learn about the country’s relation with Dutch and French. Get your hands on the significant artifacts and articles at this place. Visit the nearby Capela Dourada church that is another significant spot of the city.

Picaozinho Beach 

Head to this astounding beach of the city and witness the magical reefs and a variety of fishes including minnows. Visit here to spend some relaxing time with your family and friends.

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