The continent of South America is known to have a diverse range of attractions for tourists from around the globe. The countries of Southern America are filled with natural places like beaches, mountain ranges, lush green grasslands, urban areas including some finest downtowns and some enormous deserts. Apart from these nature-rich places, these classic countries have some great urban areas as well where you can find some amazing shopping malls and stores. So book your Allegiant Airlines Reservations now!

Costanera Center, Santiago

Head to the wonderful shopping center located in the capital city of Chile. Spend some time at the amazing Costanera Center, a hub for commercial activities, and an excellent shopping center. The center has 60+ floors and you may reach the top level to enjoy the splendid view of the city.  Costanera has a diverse range of brands including some basic as well as expensive. Grab a meal at any of the brilliant restaurants here and even enjoy a movie at the huge multiplex here.

El Tesoro Parque, Medellin

Visit the wonderful mall in the capital city of Columbia. Explore the great shopping stores and eateries. Interact with the locals here and get to know about the diversity of the population here as many people speak Spanish in the country. You may even indulge yourself in window shopping or just stroll around some great cafes here.

Centro Sambil, Barquisimeto

Centro Sambil Barquisimeto is definitely among the finest malls of Venezuela. Explore the great shopping stores. The mall has 300+ stores including local and international brands. The mall has a dedicated play zone for children where they can indulge in some fun and interesting games. Find a great café or a restaurant according to your taste and preference. The mall attracts a large number of people from around the region.

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